Bessie Jones and the Georgia Sea Island Singers

Ash Grove (Los Angeles, CA)

Jun 21, 1963 - Set 1

  1. When I'm Gone To Come No Mo'01:55
  2. Song Introduction00:57
  3. Jesus Got His Arms Around Me03:14
  4. Song Introduction00:34
  5. Knee Bone, Didn't I Call You02:14
  6. When I'm Gone To Come No Mo' (reprise)00:47
  7. I Know I Got Religion02:34
  8. Look Out For Me Jesus (Sinners On My Track)02:56
  9. Beulah Land07:07
  10. I'm Going Home On The Morning Train03:25
  11. So Glad I'm Here02:17
  12. Song Introduction00:32
  13. You're Going To Miss Me (When I'm Gone)01:15

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