Cleo Laine & John Dankworth

Avery Fisher Hall (New York, NY)

Jul 3, 1975

  1. Anywhere I Hang My Hat Is Home04:24
  2. Come Back To Me02:44
  3. Talk To Me Baby03:20
  4. Let Me Be The One03:41
  5. Song Introduction01:37
  6. Viva Sweet Love/Teeth03:27
  7. Midsummer Night's Dream02:40
  8. A Musicians Plea To His Tone Deaf's Love03:47
  9. I Think It's Going To Rain Today03:39
  10. Birdsong (Sambalaya)02:53
  11. It's the Bluest Kind of Blues04:35
  12. Unlucky Woman (Born on a Friday)04:40
  13. Song Introduction02:33
  14. Medley12:08
  15. Perdido02:22
  16. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone06:02

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