Frequently Asked Questions



 What is the Concert Vault?

The Concert Vault plays live concert performances from master recordings owned by Wolfgang's Vault, an archive which includes more than a dozen historic collections spanning a wide spectrum of musical genres.

 Why do you need to know my email address and other information at registration?

We use your email address as an account name so that you can add concerts to your Favorites list and place orders at Wolfgang's Vault. We do not send unsolicited email.

 Please add concerts for (fill-in-the-blank performer).

The Concert Vault opened with 300 concerts in late 2006 and we have been adding new concerts every week since then; there are over 10,000 on the site today. Which ones we add are influenced by your feedback. Just send us a note from the Contact Us page.

 Can I listen to concerts or Vault Radio on my phone or tablet?

Yes! Concert Vault is optimized for performance in your mobile browser. Simply visit, login and start listening.


 Membership Types:

We offer Monthly, One-Year and Two-Year memberships to Concert Vault. A Monthly membership is setup to automatically bill the account for every 30 days of service. For a One-Year membership, we will charge the account for every year of service, and a Two-Year membership is renewed every 24 months.

 How do I buy a Membership as a gift?

Gift purchases are made the same way that you purchase a membership for yourself. Visit our Membership page, and be sure to choose the "Give a Gift Membership" option.

 How do I renew my Membership?

Our memberships are setup to renew your membership automatically. You can also extend your One Year membership for a full year or two beyond your current membership term at any time, or upgrade your Monthly membership to a One-Year or Two-Year. These options, as well as the purchase of a gift membership, can help you take advantage of Concert Vault promotions and giveaways that require a membership purchase, even if you are already a member.

 How do I cancel my Membership?

If you purchased your membership at our site you can cancel it at anytime from your Account page. Just click Update under Payment Information, then Remove Payment Information to stop the recurring membership charge. If you purchase your membership through our iPad app it can only be canceled through by Apple. You can do this through iTunes on your computer, or through the App Store on your iOS device.


 What bitrate do you stream at?

Our audio streams are all 320k mp3. On our mobile apps, if you are streaming over anything but WiFi you'll receive a 96k stream instead. Our video streams vary based on what you select in the player's quality dropdown; they range from 900k to over 5MB full HD video streams.

 Can I listen to the Concert Vault from more than one computer?

You can access the Concert Vault from any computer, but you may only listen from one computer at a time.

 Do I have to install special software to listen to the Concert Vault?

Most listeners need to do nothing. The Concert Vault works on any Windows PC, Linux PC or Mac as long as you have the following Javascript and cookies enabled. Our site works especially well on tablet browsers, or you can download our Android, iPhone or iPad apps.


 What is a playlist?

Concert Vault allows you to create customized playlists that contain tracks from many different concerts. You can have up to 200 playlists, and each one can have up to 200 tracks on it. They are public by default so that other Concert Vault listeners can listen to them and post comments to them. You can make them private by unchecking the box on the playlist detail page.

 How do I create a playlist?

To create a playlist click on the Queue link in the Header of the website. You can arrange the track list by dragging the songs up or down to the desired order. When you're finished, click the Save Queue to Playlist button. You can see your playlists on the Queue and the BROWSE > MY PLAYLISTS page.

 How do I add or remove tracks on my Playlists?

To add or remove songs on your playlist, clear your queue and then add your playlist to it. From there add or remove songs and then click the Save Queue to Playlist button. You'll be given the option to save it as a new playlist or replace an existing playlist.

 How do I play one of my Playlists?

Click on BROWSE > MY PLAYLISTS in the header and then click on the playlist you want to play. From this page add a summary, and set preferences including whether everyone can see your playlist, From here simply click on the "Play" button. You can also see your playlists on Queue player page.

 How do I play someone else's Playlist?

You can search for playlists by typing in a song name or performer name. Once you've found the playlist you want, click on it to see it's detail page, and simply click on the "Play" button. From this page you can also post comments to it.

 Using The Site

 What is the Queue player?

Think of the Queue player as your temporary playlist in that every audio concert or song you listen too is added to it. In addtion, you can add songs to your queue without interrupting your listening experience by the using the Add to Queue feature represented by the "+" icon.

 How do I use the Queue player?

The basic controls are located at the bottom screen, which enable you to advance tracks, scrub ahead in the song, and adjust volume. You can also affect your playback status by using the Shuffle and Continuous Play features.

 Can I pause the music, change tracks and fast-forward or rewind?

You can do all of these. Simply click on the track you want to listen to if you want to change tracks. You can skip forwards or backwards in this way. To fast-forward or rewind within a song simply drag the progress indicator as you desire.

 How do I add a concert to My Favorites list?

To add a concert to your Favorites, just click on the heart icon located above the songs. You'll notice a line through icon once it is added.

 I'm trying to share something to Facebook and getting a message that says, 'We're sorry but something went wrong.'

There are a few reasons that this could happen, but they all can be fixed by re-authorizing the Concert Vault Facebook app and thereby refreshing the keys that allow our site to communicate with Facebook at your request. Here's how to do this:

  • 1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook.
  • 2. Go to the list of the apps you've authorized. Facebook is always changing things, but for now that page exists at
  • 3. Move the mouse over the Concert Vault app and a little 'X' will appear at the top-right of it's white box. Click that 'X' to remove the app from your list of authorized apps.
  • 4. Delete your cookies.
  • 5. Revisit our site, refresh the page, and try to share whichever page you wish. You will be presented with an authorization request. Simply click 'Yes' on both permissions screens. The first permissions screen gives us permissions to your basic information like your birth date, but the second screen is what actually gives us permissions to post in your feed so that your friends can see it. If you skip either step we won't be able to post your share to your feed.
  • 6. Click the 'Post' button, and your share should be posted on your Facebook page.

If you've tried the steps above and you are still experiencing problems, please Contact Us and we will help you to resolve this issue.

 Is my PC the only device I can use to listen to the Concert Vault?

You can deliver Concert Vault audio from your PC to your stereo in many ways.

One option is to plug your laptop or computer's audio output into a stereo input using a $10 cable available at many electronics stores. Apple's AirPort Express, when coupled with the rogue amoeba's Airfoil software, is another excellent way to stream audio from your Mac or PC to your stereo.

 Can I listen to the Concert Vault on devices like the AppleTV, Squeezebox, Roku Soundbridge or Sonos systems?

Absolutely. Our iOS has full AirPlay support; with AppleTV it delivers great video to your TV. Concert Vault is also available as a Music Service to Sonos users who are Concert Vault members.

 Troubleshooting - Streaming

 I click play on a song or concert, but I don't hear music.

When you click to listen to a song or concert, it is automatically added to your queue. Your music queue can be navigated by the transport controls at the bottom of the page.

 I have logged in, but when I try to listen to a Concert it tells me that I need to login again!

Make sure cookies are enabled on your PC - they must be in order for the Concert Vault to work. If your PC is part of an office network, your IT security group may have permanently disabled cookies; if they have you will not be able to listen to Concert Vault streams.

 What do I do if I am listening to a concert and the music stops?

Occasionally your Internet connection may be interrupted for a wide range of reasons beyond our control. When this happens, the concert you are listening to may stop playing. If it does, click on another song in the concert; if this does not begin playing, simply go back to the Concert Vault website and re-select the concert to begin playing it again.

In some office networks you may have a high-speed connection to the Internet, but your company's security provisions may be scanning our stream to ensure that it is not a virus. In some cases this will interrupt our stream enough to cause it to stop playing.

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