Moe Bandy

Longhorn Ballroom (Dallas, TX)

Oct 29, 1983

  1. Columbus Stockade02:14
  2. Bandy the Rodeo Clown03:45
  3. Here I Am Drunk Again03:41
  4. Home In San Antone02:22
  5. Yesterday Once More03:01
  6. Mind Your Own Business02:44
  7. Barstool Mountain / I Cheated Me Right Out Of You / Cowboys Ain't Supposed To Cry / She Loves The Devil Out Of Me / Soft Lights And Hard Country Music / Champ08:15
  8. Band Instrumental04:37
  9. You're Gonna Lose Her Like That02:33
  10. I Still Love You In The Same Ol' Way02:50
  11. She's Not Really Cheating (She's Just Getting Even)03:01
  12. Let's Get Over Them Together03:39
  13. Someday Soon03:03
  14. It's A Cheating Situation / Rodeo Romeo05:22

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